Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where'd the peanuts go???

I've eaten more than half of this bag of Cracker Jacks and haven't yet come across a single peanut. Where the hell are the peanuts??? I even double-checked to make sure it's not the "peanut-free" version and it's not! Dammit.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, Cracker Jacks are not what they used to be.


Rick said...

I consider myself semi-pro when it comes to Cracker Jacks. I eat about 10 bags a month. The peanuts are in the bottom of the bag. This is due to density issues and the like. Please, no longer disparage the deliciuos caramel nutty american icon.


Amy said...

Rick, I took that theory into account and shook my popcorn well before opening it, so as to redistribute the popcorn to peanut ratio within the bag. Unfortunately, this batch had about 10 peanuts total and they tried their best not to be eaten. I was sorely disappointed but will try again.

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