Friday, November 10, 2006


We are in Arizona this morning visiting Rick, Holly and Sydney. We spent Wednesday night at my parents' house in Baltimore, so we could fly out of BWI on Thursday morning. We told them the good news and they were very excited for us.

We got to Arizona around 1:30 and went straight to the house to drop off our stuff and relax for a minute before we went to pick up Sydney from preschool. I got the greatest welcome from her! She ran right past Chris and Rick to me and jumped in my arms. It was awesome!

We hung around the house for a while and went to the grocery store to pick up some foodstuffs for this week and Sydney insisted that I be the one to push her in the cart. It feels so good that she was so excited to see me. After that, we came home, unpacked groceries, and started dinner. I was really hungry at this point, even though I'd been eating all day (by the way, the vegetable soup at Subway is pretty good!). We ate dinner (including a small piece of chicken for me!) and then just sat around playing with Sydney's new toy that makes fart noises. She loved it. I started getting really tired around 7:00 (since we'd been up since 2:45am their time) but wanted to wait up for Holly to get home. Finally, at 8:00 I told Rick to have her wake me up when she got home but as I was getting ready for bed, I heard her walk in the door. We sat around chatting about pregnancy and stuff and then I fell asleep the second I closed my eyes.

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up around 2:40, which would sync up perfectly with my home schedule, and stayed up for just a little bit and fell back asleep. Yay! I was up every hour or half hour after that until now (6:00 am), which is great. I feel much better having gotten a full night's sleep.

Today, Holly and I are going to Red Door to get spa treatments to celebrate our birthdays. I'm getting a manicure, pedicure, facial and seaweed wrap. I wanted a massage but it's illegal to do one on someone in their first trimester. Damn. So I settled for the seaweed wrap. I have a feeling I'm going to fall asleep during it. :-)


bird said...

I hope Michael is like that with me.

Brian said...

Chicken, next is rare steak, yum!

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