Saturday, November 04, 2006


I figured the first night we found out I was pregnant I couldn't sleep because I was too excited and nervous and just had a million things going through my head. But, here we are, two days later, 3:51 a.m. and I've been up for an hour. I'm cold, tired, and a little nauseated. And hungry...oh so hungry! My stomach is making noises I've never heard before.

This weekend should prove to be pretty exciting. We're getting a big, new tv tomorrow and then on Sunday we're telling Chris's parents about the baby. Our plan is to pick up a fleece blanket because we all have our own blankets there to sit with while we're watching a movie or hanging out (they keep their house a little chilly) so we're going to tell them that since we all have our own blankets, we needed one more so we picked it up for them. It should be fun. It won't be their first grandchild, but I'm sure they'll be very excited for us. Every time we see them, they make some sort of pregnancy comment, so I think they're really looking forward to us having a baby.

Well, I'm going to climb back in bed and hope for the best...


Holly said...

Get used to the crazy hours - wait until you start having the crazy dreams!!!

Amy said...

I had a dream last night that I had rubella and I was freaking out on the ambulance people trying to convince them I was pregnant. It was terrible.

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