Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One more day before ultrasound...

and I'm really nervous. I just keep reading about all these ladies with blighted ovums and embryos with no heartbeat and I'm so scared that it'll happen to me. My symptoms have all but disappeared, which worries me also. I guess there's no point in freaking out now since there's nothing I can do about it but tomorrow morning can't come soon enough!

In other news, my sleeping problems are back. I feel like I've got restless leg syndrome. I get tired and close my eyes and get comfortable, and then my legs start to feel tight and I have to thrash them all around. It's horrible. I was up all night last night with that. One more thing to talk to the dr about tomorrow.

I just found out that one of my broker friends is pregnant also and she's due a month before me, and she also has a Fruity Pebbles obsession! Thought that was such a funny coincidence.

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Anonymous said...

Check in at www.rls.org for information on restless legs syndrome in pregnancy.

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