Monday, November 20, 2006

Freak of Nature

So, besides the adolescent acne creeping up on my forehead and chest, Chris and I have noticed that my right breast is considerably larger than my left one. I've noticed for the past few weeks that the right one hurts more, but it really wasn't visible until yesterday. It's terrible. I think they're a cup size different! Pretty soon I'll be needing a special bra with two different size cups...I'm a freak.

In other news, the one bad thing about stealing your neighbor's DSL is that you're at their mercy if it's turned on or not. Our "host" tends to go out of town on the weekends and turns her DSL off, so we don't usually have internet on the weekends. It stinks when I'm laying around bored in the middle of the night, or want to download another update to my fish game that I'm obsessed with (Big Kahuna Reef rules!).

Enjoy your Monday and send me some sympathy because I'm spotted and lopsided.


Mom said...

This is not the time to pose for the cover of a magazine. I hope you don't get too lopsided because you will be walking really funny. Don't worry, this is not the best stage of pregnancy........the best is yet to come. This will pass and you will have new things to tell us. I really enjoy your blog.

Brian said...

Mom is wrong, you are a complete freak.

Holly said...

Seriously Brian... you've got to be kidding us! You have THREE kids - at some point your wives have felt the same way. Shame on you if you didn't notice. Stop being so mean to your sister!

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