Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am so exhausted today. I actually slept through most of the night last night (up off and on from 4:30am to 6:00am but went to sleep before 9:00) but I'm just so tired today. I had a large lunch which is probably not helping things but I just want to lay my head on my desk and fall asleep.

So far, I was able to eat pretty well today. I had a smoothie for breakfast and then a potato with broccoli and cheese and a granola bar for lunch. I was so worried about being starving all day like yesterday that I overloaded with food to keep at the office. I probably shouldn't have had that granola bar...it kinda put me over the edge.

I also keep having to go to the bathroom and when I get there, only a little trickle comes out. So annoying! Speaking of bathrooms, I need to vent about our bathroom at work for a minute. First of all, I don't know how I'm going to make it when my smell sensitivity really appears because the bathroom ALWAYS stinks. There's a girl in the office next door who is really gross. Not only is she physically gross (think Mimi from Drew Carey and then picture how Mimi must smell like too much cheap perfume) but she's really gross in the bathroom. I don't know what she eats, but it's rough! And not only that, she's always on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend in Spanish while I'm trying to take care of my business and she's taking care of her own. How gross is that?! Who talks on their cell every time they poop??? So I try to flush constantly so she can't hear and then I run the water really forcefully so it's loud. I'm so passive-aggressive. I need to just say something but I'm a chicken. The alternative is to go upstairs, which is usually fine but not so easy to drag myself up there when I'm feeling this exhausted.

So that's my complaint of the day. One more day before we tell my parents!!


Holly said...

You are so funny. I remember being sooooo exhausted the first & third. I'd sleep under my desk at work for an hour everyday. Keep snackies in your desk. Munching is a good thing - drink your water! You'll stop peeing so much in a few weeks. As far as the nasty cow in the bathroom, can't help you there. Be glad you are a fast pooper!

Anonymous said...

I am very shy when it comes to pooping at work. I usually go to another floor. And if I come in to pee and another person is obviously pooping, but waiting for me to leave, I hurry up as much as I can.

Hargo17 said...

Amy - I was so excited to hear the great news from your Mom this morning! I love this site. Such a great idea to keep this log...not only to keep everyone in the loop, but so you'll have a written memory. Now that I am also a grandma I am constantly checking Ross' baby book to compare! I think even he gets a kick out of seeing what he did at certain stages as his son Cooper reaches those miletones. Hope you continue to feel good and I'll be monitoring your progress from here & from your Mom. Love to you both- Harriet

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