Sunday, March 04, 2007


1. Chris and I did Let's Dish again on Friday night. We made what sounded like some really good stuff. Asian Panko Salmon (which was delicious), Apricot Chicken, etc. I can't wait to test them all out. We had a good time but I made the mistake of scheduling it for 8:00 on a Friday night. We didn't get home until after 10:00 and we were both exhausted. It sort of took some of the fun out of it.

2. I've been on Finacea and Metrogel for my acne for the past few days and all seems to be going well. I've noticed that my skin's not dry and flaky like it was before. I used to have to use a washcloth and scrub to get the flakes to go away. It's like I'm getting a facial peel every day. The only downside (so far) is that the Finacea makes my skin itch. I keep slapping my face to get the itch to go away!

3. Ever since I was a kid, I had a lot of trouble swallowing pills. Not figuratively, literally. I had to take all pills larger than my birth control with applesauce or pudding to get it down. Now, with practice, I'm finally able to take my prenatal and folic acid with only water! It sounds crazy but I feel so proud of myself. It's the little things in life...

4. Thanks to everyone who's been clicking on my Google ads. It seems to be working so please keep at it. I really appreciate it!!



Mom said...

I am so proud of you. I remember all those spoons of applesauce when you were younger. Hiding the pill in applesauce is something other people may want to was the only thing that worked for you.

When you are home, instead of slapping your face, why not try a cool compress. I would check with the dermatologist to see what he suggests. The slapping of your face may get old and the cool compress may dry your skin.

Holly said...

WAHOO.... no more applesause or pudding! I was thinking you were on the path the old people are on at the hospital - "I need my pills with applesauce please". I'm so excited for you!
As far as your face itching, not really sure what to do about that. Sounds like mom has a good idea though.
Can't wait to hear about all the yummy food you guys cooked. We should try & go when I'm up there this summer.

Lauren said...

Apparently, when I was a kid, my folks taught me to swallow pills by having us swallow M&Ms like they were pills. What kid wouldn't want to have a piece of candy (even if you can't taste it that way)? And M&Ms are bigger than a lot of pills.

Worked like a charm. I can take a fistful of pills with a swallow of water, no problem.

Now if I could only stop eating the M&Ms...

Erika said...

I remember when I was a kid taking pills I had to VIOLENTLY throw my head back to get them down. Weird! I don't do it now though.

No one's clicking on my google ads. POO POO! How much have you made? I'm up to a whopping $2.19. HA HA HA!

Amy said...

I tried to swallow M&Ms but that didn't work for me. I'd still gag on them.

Erika, I've made $16 but I think the majority of that is my mom obsessively clicking those ads. :-)

Erika said...

That's what I need, my mom reading and clicking. HA HA HA! (Not that I don't want her to find it b/c I've hardly made it private, but I'm not shoving it in her face either.)

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