Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sleep Apnea

I have a friend whose husband needed to be outfitted with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine recently. Apparently his sleep apnea was so bad that it could kill him. Who knew?! The problem was that his insurance wouldn’t cover it so they had to pay for it out of pocket. How can insurance not cover something that can save your life??? So, they raised some money and were able to get him his machine. She’s sleeping better than ever. Oh, and so is her husband.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is nothing to mess with. If you or the person you sleep with stops breathing in the middle of the night, or snores so terribly that your neighbors are banging on the wall, get them help. Fast! Not only can you die from not breathing (duh!) but it also contributes to problems resulting from lack of sleep such as depression, falling asleep while driving or in the middle of your big presentation at work. The number of undiagnosed people in this country is staggering. You’d think, with all the access to healthcare we have, that we’d be seeing these machines left and right. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Contact your health practitioner immediately if you have this condition.

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Heather said...

Did your friend's husband have to go to a sleep clinic? Those places always fascinate me.

I'm glad you wrote that post- sleep apnea is nothing to mess with.

Erika said...

FIL has one for the same reasons and he gets much better sleep thanks to the machine. Although I can't imagine sleeping with one of those masks straped to my face - I'm sure it would do wonders for your sex life to be sleeping with Darth Vader. But hey, maybe some people are into that.

bird said...

My dad has that problem and that machine. I don't know if paid for the machine out of pocket but I do know that he has to pay for the masks out of pocket and they are at least $150. Alfie likes to chew on them

Mom said...

Surprise--I have sleep apnea--at least that is what Brian tells me. I stop breathing, but then I start again. This is nothing new.
The machine on my face would cause me to be claustrophobic.

As far as insurance paying for life-saving things, Brian just paid $46 out of pocket for one bottle of insulin. Blue Choice does not cover insulin. Believe that one?

Andria said...

This is for your mom- there are also Nasal Cpap masks, which is what we (I am a Respiratory Therapist) use for those who cannot tolerate the full face mask- and, there are also the nasal prongs.
Your brain matter dies when you stop breathing, due to a lack of oxygen. Apnea is not something to mess around with.

Mom said...

I just wanted to thank Andria. It was kind of you to provide that information. It may also help someone else who reads Amy's blog.

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