Friday, March 23, 2007

I look like a junkie

I had some bloodwork done yesterday. I look like a heroin addict.


Andria said...

Ouch. Did you let a student practice on you?! Don't you love how you get used to needles and spreading your legs (while baby dancing, and for the obgyn) while trying to get pregnant? Good times.

Girl said...

I always knew you were a junkie, giggle I AM SO KIDDING!

Erika said...

I've got that on BOTH arms right now. (Giving blood last week and then bloodwork on Tuesday.) I think it's kind of hot.

renee said...

i have it worse... but the junkie look is so "in" right now... lol, it'll go away soon
Love ya

topaz3333 said...

Ooooooooooooo Amy, That is so heroin chic! I bet you are doing it just to be trendy ;-)


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