Saturday, March 10, 2007

PayPerPost News

I’ve just joined this company called PayPerPost. Basically, they pay you to blog about the things you love, and I love a lot of stuff. Plus, they can help you increase site traffic. Well, they just announced that they will be having a BIG announcement in the next few weeks. I wonder what it will be??? I’m hoping it’s more exposure so more companies join and I can blog about more things that I enjoy using. Maybe it’s a new CEO that they stole from some huge firm? Or a celebrity spokesperson?

A celebrity spokesperson would be cool. I hear Michael Jackson’s looking for work these days. They could have a commercial where he comes out singing I’m Bad and then segues into, “You know what’s NOT bad? Blogging about things you love and getting paid to do it! Join PayPerPost today” and then fade on a crotch-grab, wind blowing shot. Make it all old school. That would rock.

Hmm…I just read over that and I would never make it in the ad business. That’s a terrible idea…

How about my favorite blogger, Stephanie Klein? She’s beautiful and witty. She could do the talk show circuit and talk about PayPerBlog (even though I don’t think she’s a member). Although, she’s got two babies at home so that may not work either.

Who do you think would be a good spokesperson?

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