Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I have to say, this book changed my life. I have never been so in tune with my cycles before. I had no idea about any of this stuff. I thought the Rhythm Method was something Catholics used and it never worked. Which, I guess is true, but the Rhythm Method doesn't take into account any fertility signs. It only says that you ovulate on Day 14 and you should avoid sex during that time. How about women like me who ovulate a week later? I'd have been knocked up sixteen times by now! Maybe more! But TCOYF says that you need to chart your temperatures, and notice your cervical mucus, and even check your cervical position to determine when you ovulate. And it probably won't be on Day 14.

Now, this article states that the author of TCOYF has written a book for teens, explaining to them how their bodies work and how they can avoid pregnancy naturally. Theoretically, great idea. However, I was once a teenager and I can tell you definitively that I did not have the discipline to take my temperature at the same time every morning and pay attention to my fertility signs. Back then, it was still called "discharge" and grossed me out. Not to mention the idea of checking my cervical position would have made me faint. Shove my fingers up what??!! I wouldn't even use an OB tampon because I got too close for comfort.

HOWEVER, this knowledge would have been great to know in my mid- to late-twenties. In my early twenties I was still partying and only responsible enough to take my Pill every night. Even that didn't happen like it should have. But once I met Chris and settled down a little, I would have loved to have this information. It probably wouldn't have made me go off the Pill, but it's great knowledge to have. Thankfully, I read this book in the early days of trying to conceive and have learned a lot about my body in the past six months.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I just don't think teenage girls will do anything with this information. Just like we didn't do anything about dental dams or the sponge or the female condom. It's weird and hinky and not for them. They like the old standbys: The Pill and The Condom. I think it's a useless battle to think otherwise.


canape said...

My sil loves this book too. I was going to get a copy, but instead (read: too lazy to go to the store) I signed up for the VIP Fertility Friend. It's hands on, and sil says it has a good bit of the same information.

Erika said...

I haven't read this book because my junior year of college I took a women's health course and learned all that. Oh my goodness it was enlightening! (We learned way more than just fertility stuff too.) It really should be a required course for all women - and I'd even say in high school. How many girls don't know the truth b/c their parents are too embarassed to tell them? One of the books in that class was Our Bodies, Our Selves - a classic. It really is amazing how little most women know about their bodies and cycles.

Amy said...

I didn't find Our Bodies, Our Selves half as interesting as TCOYF. I pretty much knew everything in that book. But, yes, it's a classic like What to Expect When You're Expecting. However, I've learned more from other books than What to Expect.

Mandi said...

So I guess I'm usually considered a "lurker" but I had to chime in on this one. I'm cracking up because I totally remember learning how to use tampons with you and Amy Hoffman in my bathroom at home!
We called it the tampon escapade!!

Amy said...

Mandi, I remember that. Vividly. My hands were sweating and it hurt sooo bad. I remember you guys giving me instructions from outside the bathroom and cheering me on.

bird said...

You and Amy Hoffman were the first people to even tell me what a period was. Well actually I think it was just you because I didn't understand why Amy Hoffman couldn't play shark at the pool.
Also I used to call 1-800-tampons at middle school sleepovers all the time!

St. Amy Jane said...

I must say I am in tune with my cycles also. I didn't use this book, but it is empowering to be in tune and know whats going on.

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