Friday, March 02, 2007

Proactiv and Pregnant Women

I spoke with my OB this morning about the possibility of using Proactiv. I faxed him the ingredient list for all three products and he said on face value it looks okay, but not enough testing has been done on some of the ingredients to make him comfortable saying it's okay to use. I'm going to take his advice and steer clear. I know a lot of acne medications (accutane, tetracycline, etc) have high incidences of birth defects and I wouldn't ever chance anything like that just to clear up my skin. I can live with it if I have to. So, if you're pregnant, or likely to become pregnant, please think twice about using Proactiv.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

After Harry was born I had terrible acne, all hormone related; and I swear it lasted for months. I went to a dermatologist who was not much help. I was griping about the problem to one of the nurses at my OB’s office who told me she had heard great things about the Dermalogica product line from several patients.

I left the office and went right to a local day spa (About Faces in Pikesville) where they carry the products. They are a slightly expensive, but a little goes a long way.

I use the ‘special cleansing gel’ both morning and night, and the ‘precleanse’ at night. I follow up the Aveeno moisturizer SPF 15. I also use the Dermalogica toner when needed throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated.

All in all I can say I am very happy with the results. After two weeks I noticed results; and other than the typical period pimples, I am acne free.

Nicole B.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot the one other tip; this one from a girlfriend who has flawless skin.

Sleep with a humidifier by your side of the bed. I do it and it really helps to keep my skin from drying out, which prevents oil build-up.


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