Saturday, December 09, 2006


Just wanted to update everyone who's inquired about how we're doing. I'm feeling well. A little cramping, but nothing horrible. It's a little difficult getting up and down to sit and I walk pretty slow, but I'm getting better every hour.

Going to the bathroom is an anxiety-producing experience every time. I couldn't go yesterday. I tried and it felt like needles and knives. It was horrible. I called my dr and he said I was probably having spasms from the catheter (which no one told me I had) and it would probably work itself out, or else I'd have to go to the ER eventually and get another catheter. So I waited another while, and forced my way through it. I was grunting and crying and was terrible. But now I can go and it hurts a little less every time. But I still get nervous every time I have to go.

My bleeding is minimal. It's much less than I expected to have, which is great.

So, overall I'm feeling pretty good. Emotionally, I'm healing. It hurts every time I really think about it, especially when I'm awake in the middle of the night, but we'll get through it. Chris is amazing. He's handling things very well and is very supportive and sweet and makes sure I'm not doing more than I'm supposed to. I'm a lucky girl.

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