Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nothing to report

I feel fine, I'm sleeping 10 hours a night (!), and I have nothing to report.

Chris and I put the lights on the tree yesterday. Well, Chris put the lights on the tree because it turns out that the wire that strings the lights together has levels of lead that may cause birth defects and other problems, so pregnant women are being told to steer clear (or at least wash their hands immediately after handling them). So I had Chris do the lights, and then wash his hands after just to be safe. Turns out the tree skirt we bought is kind of little, so it's now our tree yarmulke. I'll post pics later once we put the ornaments on.

We have a busy weekend planned this weekend and I'm exhausted just thinking about it. On Saturday, we have Carley's first birthday party and then over to Debbie and Bob's to make Christmas cookies with Chris's aunts (well, I'm doing that and Chris and Bob are going to see Casino Royale). Then on Sunday we're going up to Baltimore for Hanukah with my family. Should be a fun weekend, but when do I get to nap??? :-)

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