Friday, December 22, 2006


I had my doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning. This is the appointment to make sure I'm healing correctly and there isn't any infection. I was looking forward to it because this is also the appointment when we find out the genetic testing results and the doc gives me the go-ahead to move on with my life.

Last night at 6:00, my doctor's office called to tell me my doc had an emergency and had to reschedule my appointment for Wednesday the 27th. So annoying! I'm sure everything's okay but I'm anxious to find out the results of everything. I guess the good thing is that I'm still sort of bleeding so a pelvic exam would gross me (and I'm sure my doctor) out. I'm not bleeding heavily anymore but it's enough to where it's annoying. It feels like I'll be bleeding until my next period! :-)


Anonymous said...

At least you have the holidays to keep you distracted, right?

Mom said...

I know you are disappointed that they cancelled, but look at it this way---you will be 5 days closer to getting on with your life. Christmas will be fun with Chris' family and it will be Wednesday before you know it. We love you!

gail said...

Buttheads! I hope all the wonderful holidays you celebrate your mind will be very distracted!!!!

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