Friday, December 29, 2006


A little late, but here are the highlights of our Christmas.

We traveled to Delaware on Christmas Eve morning and visited with family. That night, at exactly 7:00pm we went outside to light the luminaries. It was so pretty. All the houses in the neighborhood had them lined up on their sidewalks. As we were lighting them, I wondered if we should be singing something and started singing Silent Night. Renee and Chris thought I was weird, but it felt strange to be doing it in silence.

Christmas morning we went to Denese and Craig's house for breakfast. As usual, it was delicious. After a while, Chris and Hannah left to play tennis but it started raining so they came back fairly quickly.

After that, we went over to MomMom's to open presents with Devan and Megan. They really got a lot of cool stuff. I think they were excited about the Playstation the most.

While we were waiting for dinner to start, the cousins all played dreidel. Chris and brought over our dreidel, but we found out that Devan and Megan had their own from school. Who knew Delaware was so multicultural??!! We did bring gelt for them to play with also.

The whole family came over and we had a really nice Christmas dinner. The food was delicious, as usual! Unfortunately, the ham was bad, but there was still plenty of food to go around. No one ever goes hungry in MomMom's house.

Chris and I drove home after dinner in the rain and darkness. It was a pretty scary but Chris is a great driver and got me home safely. I told him I'd write him a letter of recommendation to his new boss telling him what a great driver he is.

Speaking of which, Chris starts his new job on January 5th! He's really excited about it. There's a lot of room for growth within the organization and he'll be able to experience a lot of different aspects of the business. Unfortunately, he has to commute to DC every day but there's a commuter train right behind our neighborhood so that's convenient.

So, in all it was a really nice Christmas. It was tough because 1) this is the first Christmas without Chris's grandfather but MomMom's such a strong lady and she handled it like a champ, and 2) it was sad that at Thanksgiving we had a new pregnancy to celebrate and now we don't. But I know PopPop's up there with our little baby and they're keeping each other company. Maybe he'll have a little word with the Big Guy and give us a baby by the end of 2007. I sure hope so!

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Hannah said...

We all miss PopPop and Peanut. But I can bet you anything PopPop and Peanut are up there helping plan a beautiful baby for you and Chris. =] It was great having you up here for Christmas, I can't wait until you guys come again. Happy New Years!

Lots of love from DE,

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