Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feeling better

I'm feeling much better today. The cramping has stopped and I finally had a bowel movement this morning. My first real one since Thursday! I'm bleeding more than I was, but it's not enough to worry me. I made a follow-up appointment with my doctor for 12/22 for him to make sure everything looks good and I'm healing properly.

I started charting my temps again this morning, and I was at 97.8 which is about where I would be if I were on my period right now, so that's good news. To learn more about charting, go to http://www.fertilityfriend.com/HelpCenter/FFBook/. I charted the two months before I got pregnant, and it was really helpful to me to know what my body was doing. It's pretty amazing. I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which was a really great, informative book. A lot of people call it the Rhythm Method and think it's ridiculous, but it worked for us. Granted, a lot of people use this method to AVOID getting pregnant, and I think it's not as effective for that. We use it for the oppposite effect.

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Rick said...

I am happy to hear about your poopie. Starting a movement has changed the world on more than one occasion.

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