Thursday, August 30, 2007

27 Weeks

I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. The drink wasn't too bad. It really just tasted like orange soda without the fizz. They had to draw my blood three freaking times, though! The first time she got 2 vials and then the needle fell out. So she stuck my other arm and got the vial she needed. I went to the front to check out and she came running out because she forgot to get the antibodies vial. So I had to go back there for a third stick! I look a bit like a junkie.

I was surprised it wasn't just a finger stick like my stepdad does when he checks his blood sugar. But I guess they also do other screenings at the same time, so that's why they take a bunch of vials. I still hate it but I've gotten pretty used to getting my blood drawn.

My weekly belly shots:

My butt just looks flatter and flatter the more my stomach sticks out. Damn FBS (Flat Butt Syndrome, for those who aren't "in the know").

Oh, and congratulations to Chris and his softball team for being in first place in their league!!


Mom said...

Where do you buy FBS? I would pay anything for it. I always gauge how I look by how big my butt looks. When my butt looks bigger (and is) I look fatter (and am).

Chris said...

Thanks for the CHEER my love! 2nd Playoff game on Tuesday!!!

Mama Bella said...

I hope you pass the GD test with flying colors!

Shelley said...

Congrats Chris. Didn't mean to forget to mention you. Good luck on Tuesday!

Poppy said...

Good luck with the glucose test...hope you have wonderful results.

Good luck to Chris on the playoff game!

And yeah...where would one find one of those flat butts? I'm in serious need of one. I've got enough butt for me, you and maybe even one more!!

Holly said...

Your mom cracks me up... she's the queen of the FBS ppl!!!

Yeah, I guess someone should have told you about the blood draws. No finger sticks with this one. You better pray you don't have to do the 3 hour GTT! Glad they got all they needed to get though. Last thing is the GBS test and there are no needles for that one, although you will wish they did.

KUDOS to DH...Good Luck next week!

JJ said...

lol! at "FBS" too cute! i'm with "mom" i'd take some of that FBS with a side of thin thighs. um thnx!

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