Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our neighbor

I've heard him/her barking all hours of the night but never was able to see him during the day. Yesterday I heard him barking and looked outside and there he was, just hanging out on a log, barking at the dog in the building next door.

Makes it look like I live in the country, doesn't it?? Yeah, not so much. I just happen to have a condo that faces a little bit of woods.

Chris saw some deer in our parking lot once. Weird.


Jessica said...

the foxes are RAMPANT this year! I have no idea what happened last year that made all the foxes go all sexy on us... But hell is there a lot of them.
I didn't know however that they barked. That, my friend, makes me giggle.

Jess said...

I love foxes.

Harmony said...

I love that first picture - he's beautiful!

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