Saturday, April 26, 2008

A brush with fame

Carter and I went to Whole Foods on Friday. I was looking to see if his organic baby food was any cheaper there than I got it on sale for at Safeway. We walked in and saw all these lights and cameras and a board that said they were filming and by entering the store we allow ourselves to be shown on tv. Cool, right?

So we walk in and see them filming a segment and the star was Emeril Lagasse! Sweet. Carter and I stood in the produce section and watched for a while and during a quick break, Emeril looked over at us and waved. I took this picture right after that happened.

This next pic is him working on the next scene with his costar. They were filming a show called Emeril Green for the new channel, Planet Green. I don't know why my Whole Foods was chosen, but it was very cool that they were.

So, that was our brush with fame. Very exciting.


Erika said...

Ha ha, before I read your post, I thought it was a guy from The Sopranos! (I guess he would have fit in w/ that set!) How cool! BAM!

JJ said...

me too erika. that's what i thot. my second thot was wow, when is that guy due? haha!

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