Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crusty Eye

Carter woke up this morning with a swollen crusty eye. He couldn't even open it. Poor thing. I tried wiping it away with a warm, wet cotton ball but there was so much crusted on that I just gently had to pick it off enough for him to pry his lids apart.

Went to the doctor and he has some sort of bacterial infection. I have to put Erythromycin on it four times a day for the next few days. Needless to say, he doesn't enjoy it when I do that.

So, I had to stay home from work yet again today since he's contagious. Lovely.

It doesn't look so bad in this picture because I had just cleaned it up and put the medicine on, but you can definitely tell which one's the bad one.


Erika said...

Poor guy! When it rains, it pours w/ kid illnesses, I don't know why. I hope this is followed by a long stretch of good health for him!

Laura said...

Poor baby! I hope the eye gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Even with an eye infection he is still a cutie pie..what a trooper!

Renee said...

i agree!! he's an absolute doll!! even w/ an infection

JJ said...

awwww poor baby! he's still a cutie pie!

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