Thursday, April 03, 2008

My A-ha Moment

I finally figured out what's been causing Carter's red, sore bum. It was weird because it would get all inflamed for a few days, and I'd treat it with gobs of A&D and it would get better, and then it would come back again.

On Tuesday, it hit me. Tuesday morning his butt was looking almost normal again but when he got home from daycare that afternoon, it was beet red. That's when I realized the problem...he's allergic to Desitin! I gave his sitter a tube of Desitin to use on him so that's what he gets at daycare, and that's why it clears up on the days he's home with me. Duh!

I've now supplied her with a tube of A&D and made sure she's using the "sensitive" wipes on him, and it seems to be clearing up already. Poor guy. He has a clueless mama.


Mom said...

Takes detective work to figure some things out. Good job on being able to. He's a lucky guy to have you for a mommy!

Andria said...

Oops! It happens. You know, Ailane couldn't handle Desitin or Balmex, the creams just didn't cut it. I haven't even tried them on Blake this time around... I stick to A+D and Aquaphor.

Anonymous said...

A&D is some awesome stuff! My baby's butt will take anything, never even had a rash, but I do coat it with A&D before bed.

Great, I rarely comment, but I just commented about butts. :)

steph said...

i learned trial and error. my kaitlyn, my daughter, has very sensitive skin. a and d is also good for dry skin. i sometimes put it on her legs before bed.
it seems to help

Holly said...

Boudreaux's is the BEST!!!!

Erika said...

WTG mom!! I wonder if it could be the zinc in it that's irritating him??? If so, be careful with sunscreens this summer!

twirl said...

Glad you found something that works!

Birdie does well with Desitin, but not with Boudreaux's. Trial and error (too bad these poor babies have to go through these cream experiments in the meantime though!)

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