Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few pics from this past weekend. My brother, SIL Holly, and their kids, Sydney and Ryan, flew in from Tucson for Passover. I was so excited to get the boys together. Ryan's a few weeks younger than Carter and I was dying to see them interact.

Sydney was so cute with Ryan. She calls him Little Man and loves going up to him and talking to him in a singsong voice and touching his head. I'd say, "touching his hair" but he's got my brother's hairline. :-)

Here's our little dude chilling out in his stroller at Annie's Playground. Bella, Sydney and Brandon had such a good time running around. We chilled in the shaded area with Carter and Ryan, who slept the whole time.

Carter and Ryan hanging out with Mr. Sunshine. They loved playing together.

I love Ryan's meaty thighs. They're enormous and awesome. Carter looks like such a little stick next to him!

Hanging out at MomMom and Zaidy's house playing Bingo with Sydney.

The boys playing on the floor together. They had a blast. Carter kicked like a madman and swiveled his hips, doing his best Elvis impersonation, and Ryan played with his feet.

Yelling at Grandpa Lawrence, who he met for the first time.


Steph said...

Such CUTE pictures! Glad you all had such a great time!

Andria and Co. said...


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