Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pizza Face

I didn't have bad acne as a teenager. I would get breakouts in my cheeks but nothing out of the ordinary and it wasn't something I ever needed medication for. But ever since I got pregnant, my skin has been horrible. When I was pregnant, it was mostly concentrated around my temples. Then, after the miscarriage, it moved to my chin. Now it's on my left lower cheek/jaw area and it's disgusting. I hate looking in the mirror at myself because all I see is this nasty acne. It's not just a zit or two. It's a colony. And I'm not exaggerating. The picture above is my face WITH makeup on.

Today I made an appointment with a dermatologist and hopefully he can help me clear this up. I'm embarassed to leave the house, and I feel like it's such a gross thing for Chris to have to look at. I'm sure he'll say he doesn't care, but it really bothers me and I think about it constantly. He's got such nice clear skin and I'm jealous.

In other fun news, I've had over $16,000 in medical bills from the past three months but it's only cost me $40 out of pocket. I love my health insurance.


Lauren said...

I didn't notice a thing on Monday. I was too focused on my own chin, which looks like a 14-year-old's.

My mom was still getting zits at 54, whereas my dad has never had one in his life. How come I have his coloring but not his complexion!

Oh, and yay for health insurance!

Heather said...

This has nothing to do with acne, but I had two pieces of cake today already.

renee said...

u know, we have all had horrible acne... and the best thing that worked was proactiv... i know it sounds so celeb-ified... but it works... just thought i'd let u know

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pizza...I am going to get Ledo's Pizza for dinner. It's the best pizza in the world, and how do I know? I know cause Oprah told my wife, and my wife told me. But it just so happens that Ledo is my favorite pizza in the area. We are still up in the air about dessert...Last night we had to lower our standards to Hot Chocolate w/ very dusty, store brand Marsh-Mallows. These "Mallows" left my hands looking as if I was dry-walling a newly built home, but they were still delicious in a powdery sort of way.


Amy said...

Actually, my Darling Husband, it was Gayle that told me it was the best pizza in the world. But we knew that before she told me. We should take a field trip up to College Park one night and eat at the original Ledo's! Heather and Bird, wanna meet us there?

Heather said...

Amy and Darling Husband, I would love to meet you at Ledo's in College Park sometime. But if you don't mind, I'll skip the dusty marshmallows. Thanks.

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