Monday, February 12, 2007

Jury Duty Update

They didn't want me. I got into a courtroom and listened to them question others and then they sent me away without even asking me any questions. It seemed like a nice juicy case too. It was a civil case where the Plaintiff was asserting that the Defendant initiated a false criminal complaint against him. There was stalking and firearms involved. I wanted in on that! Oh well. Maybe next time...

In other fun news, I just had another 32 day cycle. What's with these long cycles??? Making up for the perfect 28 day-ers of years past? I know 4 days may not sound long to you "normal" people, but to us gals who are eager to be pregnant again it's forever. Plus, my temps didn't cooperate so well this month. Usually I can tell when my period's coming because I have a significant temperature drop. Not this time! She surprised me in the middle of jury duty. Damn witch.


Brian said...

You said "she", what is her name?

Amy said...

Her name is Aunt Flo, and she's a royal bitch. :-)

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