Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More blood work!

I swear, I'm going to start calling my doctor's office Vampire Central. Every time I go there, they take gallons of blood from me. When I went for my D&C follow-up two weeks ago, they drew 8 vials of blood to check me for any problems that may cause future miscarriages, etc. but they were also checking my HCg levels. I found out this morning that they were 15 at that point, so now I need to go back in and have them draw more blood to make sure I'm back at zero. Ugh.

My temperature dipped this morning, so I'm hoping that means I'm getting my period today or tomorrow (that's typically an indicator). It's so annoying. I'm on CD32 (Cycle Day 32) so it hasn't really been THAT long, but I'd like it to be here and have it over with so I know my body's back to "normal."

In other news, my friend who lost her granddaughter came back to work yesterday and seemed to be doing very well. She talked to me for a while about everything that happened, funeral arrangements, etc. I think once Maleah is laid to rest, this family can really start healing. They're taking some of her ashes and going to inbed them in some sort of trinket for the mom to carry around (a necklace, keychain, or something like that) and then bury the rest of her ashes at a cemetary here in Fairfax. They have a whole section for babies. Any ideas on what they can do with the ashes so the mother can keep a part of Maleah with her? I've never known anyone to do that before.


Holly said...

When my Uncle Mark died of leukemia many years ago, my cousins were very young... Molly was 8 and Kelly was 6. He wished to be cremated and his ashes spread over one of the farms at LSU's agriculture campuses. There were 4 lockets made with ashes in them - for the girls, Aunt Mary & his mother.

As far as the vampire's go - wouldn't you want them to be certain everything was "normal" before trying again.

renee said...

i would think for the mom a heart locket or even maybe a small rattle with the ashes in the rattle part (like the ball part where the rattly things normally would be and the handle part being the part that loops and attachs to the necklace or keychain) might be an option... but i don't know if i'd want that constant reminder... then again... i had one of the bullet casings from poppops funeral made into a necklace with "his" (i had dups made) dogtags on it made up as keepsakes for myself... so i'm not sure what i'd do in that case... i guess it's too each their own... good luck in figuring it out though...

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