Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's Dish

We had so much fun doing Let's Dish this weekend! I think the only things I really didn't care for but I understand why we had to do them was the constant hand washing and that I had to wear a doo-rag. Next time, I'll just put on a baseball cap.

We got started at the Lemon Herb Chicken with Parmesan Green Beans station (I think). All you do is put a freezer bag in a crock and mix all your ingredients in there and, voila! It was really cool and very easy. I was surprised at how crowded it was. By the time we were ready to leave, almost all of the stations were being used (obviously before this picture was taken).

In all, we made the Lemon Herb Chicken, Ravioli Primavera, Mediterranean Shrimp, and Chicken Tetrazzini. We had the Lemon Herb Chicken last night and it was really very good. We added some PastaRoni to go with it and it was great. We split the portions when we made them, so we only had to defrost and freeze half of the recipe and it worked out perfectly. Here's my plate:

Thank you Debbie and Bob for our gift certificate so we could try it out. We can't wait to do it again!!


Mom said...

I really want to try it. It looks like it was lots of fun. What a pretty plate you made for dinner.

Sarah said...

you guys do such fun things.

misty said...

We have sometihng similar here in CA, and ER and I use them about once a month. We can have them assemble for us for a small fee, so all i have to do is pick it up. it works out so well. We assembled a few times, and we might again, but we have just been so busy. It comes in handy!! And you guys look like you had fun!

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