Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have nothing to write about. Life is good and boring right now. Finally!

This weekend was very relaxing. Saturday we ran around and did some shopping and whatnot and then went over Phil and Laura's house. Phil's been feeling an influx of estrogen since their friend and her daughter moved in so he needed a boy to come over to drink beer and watch football. We were happy to oblige.

Sunday I stayed home all day except a quick run to the grocery store. We made Rachael Ray's Pizzagna recipe. I didn't like it at all. I think it was the pepperoni that ruined it for me. We got turkey pepperoni so I could eat it, but I don't remember ever having any type of pepperoni before, and apparently I don't like it. Maybe we'll make it again but without the grossness.

Yesterday was another relaxing day. Chris played tennis in the morning and then met up with some friends for lunch. I went to target and got a four-pack of gloves for 37 cents. I love that.

An online friend of mine just had her second miscarriage in just a few months and I'm so sad for her. She really helped me a lot with mine, and I was so happy to see her get pregnant again. She had a really hard time getting through the first one, but I hope she can remain positive and make her way through this one more easily. She's living my nightmare. I'm scared that when I do get pregnant again, I can't get excited about it because I'm afraid it won't stick and I'll miscarry again. I know the odds are in my favor, but unless you've been through it, you don't realize how much this sort of thing takes the innocence and fun out of pregnancy.

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canape said...

"this sort of thing takes the innocence and fun out of pregnancy"

You hit the nail on the head with that.

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