Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Finally, my acne is clearing up! When I was pregnant, I had it pretty bad on my temples. After my miscarriage, it migrated to my chin and left jawline. It was horrible. I was so embarassed about it and didn't want to show my face in public. Finally, after several months, my face is starting to clear up. I can't wait until it's gone completely.

I've been hoping that once my hormone levels go down and everything straightens out again that my face would go back to normal, and thankfully it has. Or, at least it's beginning to. I felt weird being a 30-year-old woman with teenager-type acne. Yick.

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Erika said...

I had skin issues when I was pregnant with my son - and in the weirdest places - on my scalp, in my ears, in my NOSE! But had no problems when I was pg with my daughter - at least the skin variety. So maybe your acne will be better or worse when you get pregnant again - depending on the sex of the baby or just the fact that it's a different pregnancy. The body is amazing (and weird) isn't it?

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