Friday, October 03, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Bad couple of days.

We found out on Wednesday that Chris will need to have back surgery. On Monday! He hurt his back at his company picnic a few months ago and since then has had two injections, neither of which has worked. An MRI on Wednesday showed a larger herniation than before and he has decreased strength in one of his legs. This surgery is way more extensive than his last one (he walked out of the hospital a few hours later). He'll be admitted for two days and it could take him anywhere from one week to two months (!!) to recover. They'll be removing a disk completely and putting all sorts of metal shit in his back so the bones grow together. It sounds awful and painful and I hate that he has to have it done. I am, however, looking forward to him being healed and able to do the things he used to do before he hurt himself.

On top of that, the cold I caught from my coworker has snuck its way into Carter's nose and the poor boy was sneezing ALL DAY yesterday. Then, last night he woke up four times crying like someone had just punched him in the face. He usually only wakes up once between 4:00 and 6:00 and then goes right back to sleep after I nurse him.

At one point as I sat down with him he let out a bunch of toots in succession and then seemed to settle down a little bit (notice I said "a little bit"). And then this morning he was fussing and as I was about to open his door I heard him grunt and then shake the house with a huge fart. And then he was quiet. Don't know what he or I ate that caused that. In addition to the gas, he also can't breathe out of his nose. Poor kid has snot flowing from his nose, watery eyes, and puffiness all over his face. He's so miserable. And so am I. I forgot what it was like to be up all night with a baby. No newborns for me anytime soon! I'm beat.

The one shining moment in the last two days? Grandpa Don came into town again and got to hang with us and Carter for dinner last night. Will post pics when I can.


Amber said...

Oh girl, I'm sorry everything seems to be happening at once. It always happens that way. I'll be praying that everything goes well on Monday and he can get back to his normal self soon. And I hope all the sicknesses go away soon too!

Mom said...

Sorry you guys caught colds on top of everything else you are dealing with. Hope you both feel better soon!

Sarah said...

So you had to outdo me. My measly little nose surgery is nothing after everyone hears about back surgery. Ha! j/k. I'm sorry to hear about your back and pray you get the shorter end of the recovery period. You'll be in my thoughts Monday.

Amy, let us know if you need anything (like a visit from an Aunt & Uncle to hang w/ Carter for the day). Get that snot stuff taken care of first. That ranks up there with feet. ;)

pop-pop said...

We are sorry to hear that Chris needs another back operation
But knowing Chris he will come thru it fine as he is young and healthy.

give him our love ande we will be praying for him to get well real quick.

We hope by noe Carter is over his cold.

Love to you all Pop-pop &Grandma

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