Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apple picking

We went out to Crooked Run Orchard this past weekend with Chris' parents to pick some apples. The Braeburns were picked pretty clean, except at the very top of the trees. And of course there weren't any of those tall sticks around to help us get them. in-laws climbed the trees! I tried but I just don't have any upper arm strength to pull myself up there.

Here's a pretty one Chris picked. It's tiny but cute.

Our bucket of apples. We wound up getting a bunch of Mutsu's also. They are really good! A tiny bit of tartness with the sweet, and very crisp. A perfect apple for eating raw.

And now I have to find the time to cut them all up and make some applesauce for the little guy...


Michelle Lynn said...

Mmmm. Applesauce. Apple picking is so fun!

Jess said...

Those look waaay better than the crap I get in store. I need an apple tree.

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