Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise from Grandpa!

Imagine Chris' surprise yesterday morning when he got a text from his Dad that he was in his office building waiting for him. Yep, his father who lives in Minnesota was in town for a class and it just happened to be in the same place where Chris works! Don was going to surprise Chris that he was in town, but the surprise was on him when he got to the building for his class and it was the same building as Chris' company! How weird is that?

Of course Carter and I were chomping at the bit to see him too. We hadn't seen him since Carter was a week old. I got off work early and we drove downtown and got to have dinner and walk around town. It was really nice. Carter behaved himself which is always a good thing. He leaves tonight to go back home but he's coming back in October for a few days.

What a great surprise!

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afewpacesfromhere said...

that's awesome! super funny that he was in the same building even! glad you guys got to spend some time together though!

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