Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good weekend

We had a good weekend. We started the day Saturday at the farmers market where we got some enormous peaches and yummy plums. Then we went out to breakfast where Carter begged for food. And by "begged" I mean screamed like a maniac until I gave him some pieces of my bagel.

In the afternoon we went to the Rally for Ally, which is a fundraiser held every year for my friend's niece who was born with a form of Ectodermal Dysplasias. Carter loved being outside. And best of all, he had his first taste of watermelon. Can't you just hear him saying "Mmmm"?

Oh, and check out his new kicks. His sitter asked me to get him some shoes so she can take him out on her deck and he can "walk" around. He doesn't even try to pull them off which was surprising to me. Every other time I've put him in shoes they didn't stay on for long. They're much more fun to chew on than to look at apparently.

Later in the afternoon we headed out to Phil and Laura's to hang out. We hadn't seen them in a while and I was dying to see Carley and Clayton. They did not disappoint. Carley was just chatting away and so sweet with Carter. She sang him the ABCs about 8,000 times, which of course he loved. It's his favorite song!

I expected him to be terrible because he slept all of 45 minutes ALL DAY yesterday. He wouldn't nap. Refused. He'd get crabby for a little bit but then get over it and be sweet again. He was enthralled with the cat. I missed him crabbing a chunk out of him. Of course the second we got in the car he was asleep. Like, within a mile of their house.

Here's a pic of Carter and Clayton. Clayton is 3.5 months younger than Carter. They're both wearing 9 month pj's. He's a bit of a chunk. I love it.

Today we got up around 8ish and played for a little bit. Carter wanted a nap around 10 so I put him down and laid down also. Next thing I know it's 2 hours later and Chris and I are both waking up, with Carter to follow a few minutes later. Gotta love Sundays.

We went out to lunch, got some groceries, and put him down for another nap. I went out while he was sleeping to get my hairs cut. Dude, the Hair Cuttery by my house blows. If that stupid Vietnamese lady told me one more time how thin and limp my hair is, I may have punched her. And then she proceeded to give me maybe the worst haircut I've ever had.

Carter had been sleeping for two hours so I woke him up (I needed to get him back on a schedule after yesterday's sleeping debacle). He was sleeping so hard I felt bad about waking him. He was confused for a second about what was going on. It was cute. Until he started scrunching up his face and making bad noises. But he got over that quickly and had a good time hanging out with Mommy and Daddy until bedtime.

Oh, and Carter finally discovered his penis tonight.


canape said...

It sounds like a great weekend to me. Minus the haircut.

Mom said...

He loves food, that's for sure. He'll be having his own child's meal in 3 months and it will keep him busy and not begging. I too got the worst haircut ever last week. I'll never go back to this new place that was rated one of the top 30 salons in Baltimore magazine....I don't know who they paid off to put them in there.

Jessica said...

It's about damn time! What took so long!

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