Friday, August 15, 2008

Napping strike

Oh man, yesterday was rough. Carter took one 45 minute nap all day long. It was miserable. The problem? Every time I put him in his crib, he pulled himself to standing and screamed for me. I tried putting him back down several times but he wasn't having it. He was screaming like someone was trying to murder him. It was awful. Once I took him out of the crib and let him play, he was fairly content. But he was tired. He kept rubbing his eyes and yawning; he just wouldn't sleep.

Finally around 7:30 I put him in his infant carrier and he fell asleep within one minute. Literally. But of course I didn't strap him in and 20 minutes later he tried to roll over and that turned disastrous. Didn't stop me from laughing though. He was so confused as to why he was on the floor with his carseat on top of him. Makes me laugh just remembering the look on his face.

I brought him into bed with me and after a little while he actually laid down and fell asleep. That never happens. Chris got home around 9:30 and Carter stayed asleep for another hour. Me? Not so much. He had me all the way on the edge of my side of the bed so I couldn't fall asleep. Cosleeping is soooo not for me.

I tried to move him more toward the middle but that woke him up. He sat right up and started talking and smiling and climbing on Chris. It was bizarre.

Chris took him to his crib and after just a few minutes he fell asleep. Thank god! Slept until 7:00 this morning when I nursed him and he played with us for a little while (Chris is home today with him because our sitter's out of town this week). Around 8:00 he was looking like he really needed to go back to sleep and thus began a repeat of yesterday. Screaming, standing, more screaming, standing, screaming, sweating, screaming. Ugh.

Finally I got him calmed down enough by rocking and singing and offering his binky to where he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. I put him in his crib and rubbed his back for a minute, which kept him on his belly. Then he sat up and started playing with the fish so I snuck out of there. I figured if he was playing and quiet, life was good. By the time I left for a work 10 minutes later, he was asleep.

I hope Chris has an easier time today than I did yesterday.


Mandi said...

I totally understand what you went through. When I'm home with Spence for the day it can feel like I spend the whole day trying to get him to take a nap! It's exhausting!

Holly said...

It happens. Wait until he starts to cruise the furniture & walk around - he'll never want to sleep. He was probably looking for your mom and her never-ending supply of snacks. haha

Mom said...

That's what I was thinking, Holly. He was looking for his Mom Mom. I do think it has to do with teething. It is so uncomfortable for them.

I'm Not Skippy said...

We've had that lately too. Someone the little dude has found this extra burst of energy lately and won't sleep. It started the day he learned to sit up. Now he sits up in bed and talks to himself or his stuffed panda.

Since then he is a little weird on naps.

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