Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Delights

Chris made our Thanksgiving meal. From start to finish. I did nothing but watch tv and feed the baby. He's amazing. It was so good.

Carter's meal: Our deliciousness. Yes, we're ghetto with our canned cranberry sauce and Stove Top stuffing. But we love it and we have a newborn, so get over it.

After our meals, we did what everyone does on Thanksgiving. All three of us took a nap! Carter invited some friends.


Mom said...

Chris is a wonderful husband and dad. It always tastes so much better when someone else prepares it. Your plates look like everything was delicious. Glad you all got your naps in after your Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey looks so cute with his turkey friends.

Butrfly Garden said...

Our canned cranberries were MIA. I would have cried if they hadn't made me regular stove-top. (My grandma gets all giblety with her stuffing.)

Some things are just delicious no matter how cheap they are. :D

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Erika said...

Personally, I think canned cranberry is better than ANY cranberry sauce. Kudos to Chris for helping to make your Thanksgiving even more special. :)

Poppy said...

Oh my heavens...I love his turkey shirt and he looks so peaceful. So do you by the way...mamahood becomes you :)

Heather said...

Carter looks so cute surrounded by turkeys! Did he enjoy himself?

Will you please give me a play by play of everything on your plate? I'm hungry.

Amber said...

Thanksgiving is not complete without the canned cranberries!

JJ said...

awww sounds like an awesome day. love the ghetto cranberry, forget all the haters! :D

i love the pic with the friends. Too cute!

Katrina said...

what a fantastic thanksgiving. i love how big that onesie is..maybe he'll fit into it next year lol

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