Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Carter's First Pediatrician Visit

His visit yesterday went very well. He's gained 2.5 oz since he was discharged from the hospital. Dr. Jarvandi was awesome. He gave me some good breastfeeding advice that's working really well for us, even though I'm having some latching issues. I've left a message for the lactation consultant and am hoping to get in there tomorrow. They pricked his heel again to check his bili levels because he's a little bit yellow, but the levels came back in the normal range. The doctor was very impressed with how strong our little man is. Obviously, he didn't look at my beefcake of a husband.
Headed out to see the doc:
Getting checked out by Dr. Jarvandi:

All done!


Mom said...

Carter looks very content in the pictures from his first visit. I keep looking at those cheeks... must be storing stuff in there for the winter.

Tiffany said...

Look at the babe!! Way to grow big boy!

Holly Everton said...


Carter is absolutley adorable and so precious. Just some friendly advise if you don't hear back from the lactation specialist by tomorrow call them at the hospital and get an appointment because having them help you at the hospital is the best option!!!

auntbev said...

Oh, kids...he is so beautiful...grandpa will enjoy his time with you all. He is coming for a visit, right?? Have fun!!!Bev

Amber said...

SOO cute!! Also, definitely find the LLL meeting. Even if the lactation consultant is good with all the technical stuff, the LLL meeting is a great place to meet women going through the same stuff as you are.

Kelly said...

He is so adorable! Good luck with the lactation consultant. Breastfeeding can be hard in the beginning especially with latching issues, but it will get easier and be a wonderful experience for both of you!

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