Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gone Green!!!

Not this one!!! (This one is for you Heather)

So on Sunday, I had someone come over to take a look at my motorcycle. I have been trying to "sell" it for about a year. By "sell" I mean that I only posted it twice within a year's time. I really hated to get rid of it, but I never rode it it was time for it to go.

So I also found out on Sunday a.m. that my car wouldn't start. I was on my way to play tennis and it wouldn't start, no lights, no grinding noise or anything. I borrowed Amy's car to go (not thinking...what if she went into labor with a car) to the tennis club. When I got back it was time to prep the motorcycle to show to the potential buyer, and no time to fix my car. So after the deal was struck to sell my motorcycle, I decided it was time to jump start my car. No dice!!! I ended up having to call a tow truck to come out and get my car to the mechanic. The first tow service I called gave me a bunch a crap due to calling just before the Redskin's I wasn't going to give them my business. FAST FORWARD TO MONDAY MORNING........

Good Morning...I got a call from the mechanics and they told me that my $2400 car was going to cost almost $2000 to fix. So now I am donating my car to a company that will teach people to fix cars, and then sell them the car cheap so that they can get to and from work!!! My mom and I have done this before with different cars, and they are a good company to donate to.

So I have gotten rid of all my modes of transportation within two days of each other. Going green ain't easy, but I can be stylish by riding around in my new Surrey-4 wheel bike. Look for me around town, and if you ask, you might be able to get a ride!!!


Heather said...

Thank you for Kermit. That just made my whole day!!

By the way, is that a surrey with the fringe on top?

Chris said...

FRINGE!!! Of course...that's how I roll!!!

Jaime said...

The fringe is the icing on the cake. I would totally hit you up for a ride, haha!

Nicki said...

The kids want to know if they can get a ride too?

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