Thursday, November 08, 2007

2 a.m.

What makes me laugh:
Sitting on the toilet to pee and a fart escapes. What makes it better? When that fart makes your baby jump.

What doesn't make me laugh:
Being awake at 2 a.m.


Michelle said...


Poppy said...


I'll never forget when I was in labor with my daughter.

My hubby was down getting me registered. No one else was in my room. I had to go pee.

I waddle off to the potty room, dragging my IV pole with me. The toilet was stainless steel. As I'm sitting there relieving myself...I rip one. A long one. A very, very loud one, thanks to the stainless.

I come out of the bathroom to find that my hubby had returned. The L&D nurse had returned and an aide. All of them were trying their best not to burst out laughing. I was trying not to melt into the floor with embarrassment. It was L O U D and L O N G.

*giggles at the memory*

I'm Not Skippy said...

Not to sound like a clicheed parent, but. . . Get used to 2 am. We're on week two, and late night feedings are much longer and more invasive to sleep than a quick pee break.

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