Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Days Later

Still a very angry butt. Between the last post and when we went to the doc the next day, the part at the top got more brown and scabby, rather than bumpy and red.

The doctor was, um, confused, as to what was going on. He called it "interesting." He put Carter on a trifecta of steroid cream (just for a day or so to get the anger away), then antibiotic and Lotrimin. He said between the three, one of them should work. Helpful, right?

And, per NG's suggestion, I also put him in an Epsom bath for a little bit today. It seemed to work on it pretty quickly. The scabby part started turning whitish, which I supposed is a good sign.

Below are some updated pics if you can stomach them. Kinda grody, unless you're into that sort of thing. Which I am. Parts of it look better, but other parts look worse. Damn thing is mystifying.


Harmony said...

Hope something works fast for him!

Sonja said...

oh no poor Carter! I feel so sorry for him (and for you).

keep us updated!

MB said...

OUCH! If you are ready to upgrade to a dermatologist, I suggest Dr Sebastien in Reston.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! Poor baby!! I'm so sorry boo.

Momma B said...

Oh poor little man! That reminds me of a really severe eczema flair up Snugglebunny once had. I hope he can get some relief soon!

Thanks for the comments on Curlyhead's weight loss. He does feel so much better, and for all intents and purposes he doesn't have diabetes anymore! They took him off all his medicine for that and are talking about taking him off his other meds too.

Anonymous said...

ive never commented before but i read ur blog a lot my son used to get the same kind of rash and the only thing that we found that worked on it was anit-fungal cream not saying your sons dirty or anything but its common my son got it all the time at least 1-2xs a week and he was forever in the bath...but try it it might help

Sarah said...

You know, the fungal comment might be worth looking into. Brian has issues with it. (Yes, I love a fungus among us boy.) His dermatologist says everyone has it on their skin but I think he said with heat and little air movement it worsens. I'll have to ask him for sure. The red spots look like it. (Its not on Brian's butt, btw.)

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