Monday, June 08, 2009

His Father's Son

I'm the messy one in our relationship. I just can't help myself. I'll get motivated and clean clean clean and tell myself that I'm not going to bed until the house is straight, but then after three days, I'm tired and over it.

Don't get me wrong, Carter makes a mess like any toddler. But last night he proved he takes after his neat father. Carter had two pairs of shoes in the living room and I asked him to put one pair away in his closet. He asked for help and I followed him in his room and showed him his closet and he put the shoes neatly down. I asked him to put the other shoes away and he grabbed them and ran into his room and yelled "Help?" I went in and he couldn't find a clear floor space to put them down and didn't want to pile them on top of the other shoes. I moved the first pair somewhere else (more like, I threw them toward the back of the closet, typical me) and he neatly placed the second pair in the now empty space.


Mom said...

That is so cute. He is a mini Chris. That is just how Chris has his shoes. He might teach you a few things.

NG said...

Lately, The Caterpillar has been obsessed with putting her clothes in the hamper by herself when we undress her for a bath. She takes her shirt off then runs into her bedroom to throw it in the hamper, comes back, takes pants off, runs to the hamper, etc. I just sit on the floor of the bathroom while she does this because me = lazy.

Yesterday, she ran to the hamper and then came back screaming and crying. Apparently we had been doing laundry and forgot to replace the bag in the hamper.

Ah, if only these tendencies could last until they were teenagers.

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