Thursday, June 25, 2009

The End of an Era

Carter has nursed for 90 seconds in the past three days. I started weaning him when he turned 18 months. I stopped offering it in the morning and throughout the day, but if he asked for it, I would oblige. I was still nursing him before bed though. That was my favorite time, cuddling with him in the glider. We spent this past long weekend in Baltimore and Pennsylvania and he was so exhausted by bedtime that he had no interest in nursing and when I offered, would say, "No meemees, no meemees" (which is how he pronounces "milkies"). I think this weekend was the boost we both needed to take the plunge and just stop altogether.

It makes me sad but I think we were both ready.


Mom said...

The timing was good. You and Carter were both comfortable with his decision. When you think about the time Carter stopped nursing altogether, you will remember the wonderful weekend you had with family.

Amber said...

It was so hard when Handsome decided he was finished nursing. You and Carter have done an AMAZING job, and made it so much longer than Handsome and I did. I'm so glad you made it to a point where both you and Carter are ready.

Jess said...

I know it has to be bittersweet but you have done an amazing job! Congratulations for 18 months!!

Now maybe you could get Carter to talk the boy into a few less "meemees" for me? He shows no signs of slowing.

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Congrats to you both on making it so long! What a great accomplishment and a sweet time for you two.

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