Thursday, June 11, 2009

So proud of himself

I've been trying to teach Carter the differences between a car, bus, and truck for a few days now. Maybe a week. Anyway, he gets car. Everything is a car, even motorcycles. We see a lot of school buses on our way to daycare and he always notices them and yells out "Car car car car" repeatedly until I acknowledge him. I correct him that it's a bus and ask him to say "bus" and he does (except he puts the "sh" sound at the end which is so cute I could die). Yet, he still continued to call them cars.

This morning, though, we pulled up next to another big yellow bus and he yells out, "Bus! Hooray! Clap clap!" and clapped his hands. He knew he got it right and was so proud of himself. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm laughing now remembering it.


Mom said...

He knows when he accomplishes something and truly gets excited about it. I chuckled when I read it. Good for him! You did a good job teaching.

NG said...

Stuff like that is harder than we sometimes think. There's only a subtle difference between a cat, a dog and a billy goat... they're all furry animals with four legs and tails, and all animals within each species don't always look exactly the same. Some cats have no tails and yet they are still cats. Some dogs are the size of small ponies, yet they are still dogs. It's amazing they figure it out at all, so it's really cool when they do.

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