Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A few things

  • Carter can show you his ear when you ask him where it is. When you ask where his nose is, he points to the corner of his mouth. But...this is the kid who covers his ears to play peekaboo. He's a little confused.
  • I've had a blog post about the flood at my mom's condo for forever now, but can't seem to get it finished. Suffice it to say, a pipe burst and flooded her entire place and now they're displaced for weeks. It's awful. The force of the water pouring down her walls was unbelievable. Thankfully, they have a nice hotel suite they've been staying in.
  • Finally, FINALLY, Carter does the sign for "milkies" which is our word for nursing. And now that he learned how to do it, he looooves doing it. He was nursing tonight, and kept sticking his hand in the air to do the sign.

  • You may notice that our video is a lot clearer and nicer than it used to be. We bought a new toy, a Flip camcorder. It's so cute and easy and fun! It uploads to YouTube in minutes, whereas before it would take an hour or more. It was awful.
  • I haven't been posting to this blog as often lately, but it's for good reason. I've been really, really busy at work. It's great. I forgot what it's like to actually do work all day long. Sometimes, it's a little overwhelming and frantic, but my days go by really quickly. And I feel like I'm actually EARNING my paycheck.


Nita said...

Isn't the Flip AWESOME?!?!?!

Mom said...

The video is really nice and clear. Carter is able to communicate and it is great that you are teaching him signing. He is doing a great job with it. All his signing has to do with food.... more, eat and milkies. He is so smart.

Beautifully Unique said...

WTG Carter! I'm jealous of the new Flip. That rocks!

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