Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best. Day. EVER!

Saturday, Carter was doing better and hadn't thrown up in over 24 hours so we headed up to Baltimore to meet up with some friends. Most of them I know through a mom's board I'm on, and two of them, I'd never met before and was REALLY looking forward to it. When I got sick on Friday I was so upset that I wasn't going to be able to go up there. Honestly? Heartbroken is more the word.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was feeling 100%, and Carter was doing great except for his runny poops, so we headed up there. I'm so happy we got to go. I was the first one there, intentionally, because I knew Heather, our host, would be nervous. I wanted to be there early to help make it more comfortable. A little while later, I see the world's most beautiful family walking down the driveway and knew that Girl had arrived. After that, everyone started coming and it was so great. After the first minute or so, it felt really comfortable. We all know each other so well so it just sort of carried over easily into "real life."

The babies got cranky after about...oh...5 hours so we all called it a day. Girl and Jill had long drives back home to PA and NY, and Nita, Marty, and Jess all were headed back to Virginia that night.

And now I'm just basking in the glow of getting to see the people who just may know me better than anyone.


Holly said...

You are all so lucky to have had that time together. It's rare to find "good friends" that are true to you in every way and you have found yourself some gems. I hope you guys get to have more opportunities like this. Looks like you guys made some great memories.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fantastic day. I am so happy that you were both well enough to enjoy the day.

girl said...

It was really awesome.

Heather said...

It was great. I can't wait to do it again!

Harmony said...

Too awesome!! So sorry I missed it :(

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