Thursday, February 05, 2009

Carter's No Good Awful Very Bad Day

Yesterday, Carter had a runny nose and a nasty sounding cough, but seemed in good spirits so I didn't worry too much. I figured it was just a cold and we'd wait it out. Well, this morning I got a call from his sitter telling me that he's got a fever and his eyes are excessively watering and he's miserable. She also said he was trembling, which sort of freaked me out a little. So I picked him up, intending to spend the rest of the afternoon cuddling the sick out of him. But in the car, he started doing this thing where his eyes would start rolling back into his head. I even pulled over to make sure he was okay. He was fine, just exhausted. But it was enough to scare me into calling the doc.

They fit us in at 2:15 and I'm really glad I took him in. He has a fever of 103.5 and a double ear infection. His left ear is minor but his right ear is severely infected. The doctor said it was making his own ear hurt just looking at it. The poor baby spent the entire doctor's visit just completely lethargic, laying against me. And he was so hot. I'd never felt him like that before. The doctor was surprised that his flu test came back negative because of how quickly his symptoms presented, but that was good news.

So now, we pump him full of antibiotics and pain relievers, and wait. And cuddle.


Brandy said...

Amy - Jack just had that happen Friday. Freaked me out too. His temp soared to 104.1 Scared the crap out of me. I hope Carter feels better soon.

Mandi said...

that's so sad, i hope carter is feeling better very soon!

I'm Not Skippy said...

Poor little monkey. I hope he feels better soon.

myrelish said...

Fingers crossed that the bugs disappear as quickly as they hit. Enjoy the cuddles with you hot little man.

Amber said...

Poor Carter!!!

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