Sunday, December 21, 2008

Signing time

Here's a video of Carter signing "more." He tries to say it too which is just too cute.


Mom said...

It is so cute that he does that. I love how he takes his two fists and hits them together. He'll be saying the word clearly soon.

Mrs G said...

Baby sign is great! We do a couple wioth Xavier, but instead of 'more' he picked up 'finished' first. So when he is done with eating (and I am still trying to stuff fodd into him in the hope that he will sleep longer that night!) he signs that he is done. I do try to obey and stop, but sometimes he does it when I know he really should be eating more and bad Mummy doesn't stop feeding him.

I'm Not Skippy said...

Yes yes, that's great. Let's talk about the baby standing IN the dishwasher.

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