Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We have tooth #9! His top left molar has halfway popped through, which would explain the horrible screaming and nursing the past two nights.

And we also have a new word...shoe! He loves to carry his shoes around and always wants to be holding them if they're not on his feet. The other day he kept saying "sh, sh" and I asked Chris if that counts as saying "shoe" and he said no because there was no vowel sound. Next thing we know, we hear a little voice say very clearly, "shoe." It was so cute.

Oh, and his favorite song now? Happy Birthday. My mom kept singing it to him this weekend and he looooves it. He gets a big grin and flaps his arms and sometimes even blows at the end (to blow out his candles).


Mom said...

His teeth are on a roll. He needs as many teeth as he can get to eat all the things he would like to eat. I never saw a one year old eat a man's size portion. When he ate 3 of my turkey meatballs, which were not small, and 1 large stuffed shell all in the same sitting, I couldn't believe it. That child loves food.

Tiffany said...

NINE?? That is impressive!

MB said...

If your child says the same sound over and over for an object, it counts as a word!!! Oooo or no oooo. If he always called a shoe a mitten, it still counts, because to HIM it means shoe. :)

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