Thursday, June 12, 2008


Carter may be a lefty like his daddy. When I'm feeding him, he "helps" me by grabbing the spoon handle and guiding it into his mouth. Theoretically, he could feed himself, but he doesn't yet know how to not shove the spoon down his throat and gag himself, so he still needs help. :-)

Anyway. I'm right-handed, so he grabs the spoon with his left hand, since I'm facing him. When Chris feeds him? He doesn't do it. We think it's because Chris is left-handed so Carter would need to use his right hand to guide the spoon. Must not feel natural to him.

Interesting to see how this pans out...


J.C. said...

You know, it might be too early to tell, but then again it might not be. A is a lefty, and has been left-hand dominant since she was Carter's age. The leftiness could stick!

Andria and Co. said...

That's so funny! We were just noticing the other day that whenever we put a cracker, biter cookie, etc. in Blake's right hand- he switches it to the left.
Jason was thrilled, he says lefties are better at sports.
Typical male response. ;)

melvin rubin said...

Don't worry if he becomes left handed,some of the greatest presidents were lefthanded and even the greatest ball players
were left handed.And me being as a lefty i don't think I did and still not doing too bad

Holly said...

Left is the ONLY way to go!!!

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