Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kickin' it old school

I tried to ignore it. I tried to keep the anxiety at bay. I tried not to over-react. But the more I hear about BPA, the more it scares me, and I don't feel right exposing Carter to something I can easily avoid.

So. I took all of my Dr. Browns bottles back to BRU, since they were accepting used ones with no receipts. They allowed me to exchange them all for BPA-free bottles. I decided to try out the old school Evenflo Classic glass bottles, but I bought some Dr. Browns glass bottles just in case Carter still has an issue with other kinds (he used to "drown" with other brands of bottles...only Dr. Browns worked). I'd have been tempted to get the Born Free ones, but since everyone else is panicking also, they were all sold out. They're super expensive anyway.

I gave him 2 oz of formula last night in the Evenflo bottle and he took it with no problem. Gulped it down like a champ.

I felt like a 1950's mom with these bottles. They're so retro. I love them. Oh, and they're super cheap. Gotta love that.


J.C. said...

My thoughts are that it is better to be safe than sorry. I checked on all of our sippy cups, and I bought G a Born Free cup. Homeboy better take care of it 'cause he's only getting 1 at $11.00!!

Shelley said...

Good for you. I was waiting to hear that you were going to change the bottles. Did you really think Carter would care what he drank from? That child will drink and eat from anything.


Jessica said...

Maybe I should haul all the rest of Dr. Browns bottles over there? The store credit, do I have to buy bottles with it? Or can I just buy anything? just curious, b/c if you cant use the bottles...Why am I holding onto them for myself?

Amy said...

Jess, they would only allow me to exchange them for BPA-free bottles. HOWEVER, they gave me a gift receipt so now I can go back and return the glass Dr. Browns and get a store credit for that amount.

Make sure you call your store first to see if they're still allowing the returns. Some of them aren't. I took mine to Chantilly.

gooksu said...

I've been using glass bottles with Elle since she was born and although it's taken her awhile to be able to hold it, it's been great. But then again, I have no experience with any other types of bottles so what do I know:)

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