Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Food Fun

I love making baby food. More specifically, I find it to be so much fun to reach in the freezer and take a couple cubes of different foods to mix together. Last night I pulled out a couple of carrot cubes and a peach cube. Add in some cereal, and there's dinner! Voila. It's so colorful and pretty before you defrost it.

I'm a nerd.


Ariel said...

Hi, I am one of your lurkers! I came across your blog accidentally one day, but I love to read it and see the pictures of adorable little Carter. I am pregnant with a baby boy, due in October, so I enjoy learning everything I can from other first time moms to boys!

Michelle said...

If you're a nerd so am I. I always enjoyed making the baby food too. I haven't in a while, he wants big boy food now. I kind of miss it.

steph said...

I had such a great time making food. Brandon and Kaitlyn liked table food so it saved me so much money. I would buy the jars to take with us for an emergancy, or when we were on a long trip.

Amber said...

I bought the ice cube trays for this very purpose, but DH laughed at me for it! I ended up just making a bunch of baby food and leaving them in normal tupperware because DH is the one that feeds him most often anyhow. Now he eats so much that the ice cube sizes wouldn't be worth it for me. I'm so jealous of your baby food ice cubes! :)

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